• When you come into our facility as a new storage customer, it is required that the inventory procedure be accomplished by both the driver and the customer, or his/ her representative. The customer, or his/her representative, must sign off as each individual inventory sheet is completed.
  • The day before the packers arrive the customer should check all dresser drawers to be sure nothing valuable or breakable is left in them. Items left in drawers will be transported as is.
  • Any item that is permanently affixed to a wall or ceiling that is to be transported must be removed by the customer, unless authorization has been obtained for this service to be performed by a third party specialist.
  • All handguns and ammunition are the responsibility of the customer to transport.
  • Due to the method of construction and fragile nature of materials, furniture assembled using particle board material, for example bookcases, entertainment centers, computer desks, and other pieces used in kitchens, dens offices or other rooms, are the responsibility of the owner to disassemble and reassemble.
  • Propane tanks must be professionally purged and tagged. Most retail outlets that fill propane tanks can purge and tag the tanks as required for transport and storage.
  • If a car is being moved and stored, the gas tank must be no more than one-quarter full.
  • Computers need to be made ready for transport, including back up of the hard drive, by the customer.
  • Make sure ink cartridges are out of computer printers, fax machines, copier machines, etc.
  • Lawn mowers and other gasoline engines must be emptied of oil and gas. Additionally, the customer must wash out gas cans that may be transported or stored.
  • The customer must clean trashcans.
  • Barbecue grills must be clean and cool for at least two days prior to moving and storing.
  • On ‘storage-in’ estimates, the customer is aware that ‘storage-out’ fees are not included as part of the estimate.

Prohibited Items

Magnum Moving & Storage will not accept perishable articles, including houseplants. The customer should not include jewelry (other than costume); coins, currency or any other negotiable paper (stock certificates, bonds, notes); important papers (deeds, titles, bank books, tax and similar documents); collections (stamps, baseball cards); or any other item of high value in the customer’s shipment due to the value of these items. If a customer chooses to ship any of these items, contrary to this advice, the customer understands that the customer is responsible for notifying us of the items to be shipped in order that we may take the necessary precautions for them. In the unlikely event of a loss, the customer further understands that the customer will be responsible for establishing that these items were in the customer’s shipment in order to be able to recover for them.