We care about the safety of your personal possessions. When we accept your belongings for shipment or storage, every member of the Magnum team treats them with the same consideration you would give them yourself.

On the day of your move, shippers are required to select one of the following options before any packing or moving service takes place. Questions may be directed to the crew chief or you may telephone Magnum’s Offices for clarification of any issue.


This is the most economical option; there is no charge to the shipper for this coverage.

When you elect this option, the maximum amount of carrier liability is $ 0.60 per pound per article. This amount is determined by Federal Transportation Rules & Regulations.

FOR EXAMPLE: a $10.00 crystal bowl that weighs 2 pounds would be reimbursed $1.20; a television set that weighs 50 pounds would be reimbursed $30.00; an antique writing desk, valued at $1,500.00, weighing 210 pounds would be reimbursed $126.00.


When you elect this option, carrier liability is charged at the rate of $25.00 per every $1,000 of value placed on a shipment. The amount to be considered is the responsibility of the shipper to determine. Under this option, Magnum Moving & Storage reserves the right to first repair, then replace the item(s) if necessary.

There is a minimum of $10,000 of value required under this option. The charge will be placed on your Bill of Lading at the onset of the service.

For example, $20,000 of value would cost you $500.